Quelquechose d’importe

Hi.  I’m Luke, or LC.  Dear Harttz is my escape from the ice cold pavement of every day life.

One of my friends was recently discussing life with me-

Friend: We need to be closer

LC: that would be awesome
you ever think about coming here? it’s pretty sweet, but I know you’d be leavin a lot.

Friend: Seems like each day that goes by I have less and less
think thats probably just growing up
Pretty soon all I’ll have are my possessions and my job

LC: that’s fucking horrible

Dear Harttz is a simulcast to the one I love and to my own heart.  Homer is attributed as saying “Be still my heart”, and I have a poem, somewhere, where I try to do just that.  Harttz is attributed with the rising and falling tides, the moons and phases of my emotions.  And she doesn’t know I live here, but I like to write to her without having to explain myself.

I edit my “works”, but I refuse to edit the truth. That why I’m stuck here.

Dear Harttz,
Wish you were here.

Dear Harttz,
Yours, truly.

Dear Harttz,
I love you.