Dear Harttz…

I had a horrible dream last night – it’s really hard for me to interpret the feelings dreams give you, regardless of the events.

For some reason I was moving, and overwhelmed by the task of packing, I was moving from room to room trying to organize things. The house was starting to empty and among the others in the house, you were there. You kept moving from person to person, talking to them about the trip – funny, I didn’t remember that until just now.

But you didn’t talk to me, and you seemed so unaffected by it all, and I just felt so alone. Now that I’m telling this story, it reminds me of when I went to college. I remember sometime in August, heading east on Superior near 70th and calling you. You were working, and everything seemed normal until I told you that I was driving to college. I don’t remember what you said, but I think I heard something deeper than your words. It sounded like something cried out, briefly, and then it was over.

You went back to work, and I went to college.

Anyway, when I woke up, felt the need to say “hi”, so I did. Have a nice day.

Posted Tuesday, September 11th, 2012 under Dear Harttz....

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