I think… I’ll leave.
Perhaps… I’ll go.
Please don’t tell me what you think I should know.

About your ring,
and that other thing,
they’re just things. Objectified memories.

I should’ve put them in your bags when I took you to the airport.
I never should’ve listened, I wish I couldn’t hear you.
Decode on the radio, composing to our paramore.
I wish your flight was canceled and we could find the truth.

Gone for a week.
Back in a day.
What was that feeling when you asked me to stay?

A few more weeks.
We were so close.
I guess life happened, you had to go.

I think… I’ll leave.
Perhaps… I’ll go.
You’re already gone and I should’ve known.

How to forget
everything that you found?
How do I lose the me that you found?

I should’ve brought my bags when I took you to the airport.
I never should’ve let go, I wish I could be near you.
Our songs on the radio, decomposing m’even more.
I wish your flight was mine too. I wish a plane could reach you.

I thought I told you to leave it alone.
I thought I asked you to forget my request.
Now you’re the song in my soul,
the beat inside my chest.

All of these verbs and these nouns adjecting against me.
Projecting against you, I just can’t see through-
the smoke and the mirrors, or lies and deceit-
was it magic? Electric? Is anything true?

I started it all with the sleight of my hand.
It’s my fate, it’s my fault, I loved holding your hand….

I think I’ll leave now. I really must go.

But, if…
you have something to say…?
I take all the blame.
I mean, what is it my love?
Do you feel the same?

Posted Tuesday, July 26th, 2011 under Poetry, Words 2.0.

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