Snow white, snow white

It’s snowing beautifully tonight, and you’re a thousand miles away. Large flakes of billowy snow are meandering carelessly towards the street, laying a pristine carpet at our feet.

I imagine we go out for an expensive, delicious meal. It might be dark and romantic with a dull buzz behind our hungry eyes and bleeding hearts. It might also be bright and loud, laughing boisterously as we recall our follies of the week or declaring our triumphs of the week.

We would get home, chilled, with flakes of snow in our hair and a roaring fire in the den. We’ll have wine or hot cocoa – whichever suits our mood – and bask by the fire in our hearts. Lazily we settle to the floor in each others’ arms, kissing sweetly, without intent.

But, my dear, it’s snow white outside and you’re a thousand miles away… perhaps a thousand days.

Posted Saturday, February 5th, 2011 under Dear Harttz....

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